Long Distance Towing

What is Long-Distance Towing and Why Would I Need it?

These are the two most commonly asked questions whenever visitors or non-residents experience difficulties with their cars. When you live in far-flung cities or across borders, this is the service you would want to avail. While you can always take your car to be repaired in a local shop in Suffolk, some vehicle owners will require their cars to be towed in longer distances. 

Long distance tow

Here Are Some Reasons You May Need A Long Distance Tow Truck Company

* You want to take your car to your trusted repair shops back home for insurance and other coverage purposes.

 * Need to take the car to a new/ another owner but do not have the time/resource to drive it.

* Encountered an accident/emergency and you are not in the condition to drive.

* Moving to a new city or state and you need help transporting your car to your new residence.

No matter your reason, we are the company who are well-equipped with trucks, tools, equipment, and manpower which can withstand the farthest distances. Groovy has higher standards when it comes to far-flung travels. We provide all the necessities and pre-requisites for hauling cars covering a lot of mileage.

To Suffolk VA and Beyond

Our towing services does not end within the borders of Suffolk VA. We understand that the flock of comers and goers in the area is never-ending. With everything that Suffolk Virginia has to offer, we could not blame people for wanting to drop by and experience Southern hospitality. Considering the number of vehicles passing by or visiting the area, there is bound to be non-residents in need of the nearest towing company.

We would not want to rob visitors from the assurance of safety and security while in the land of pure small-town charm. So we offer interstate towing for those who have a destination of more than 500 miles.


When your car breaks down, who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters may be the appealing answer but there’s only one answer to provide all the best solutions: Groovy Towing of course! Especially for cases when non-residents are stuck on the road in between two destinations, a break down is more nerve-wracking when it is in an unfamiliar area. We have the power to take you to where you are supposed to be with our high-quality trucks, tools, and equipment and not to mention professionals that will make everything possible. 

Doing the Work and Going the Distance

All you have to do is sit back and watch us do our magic. Our towing professionals do it with such finesse and preciseness that you would not feel that you are miles away from home with a broken down car.

Wrecker Service

Bringing out the Good From a Bad Situation

When you are in need of a tow, it is usually never for a positive reason. It might be difficult to see the silver lining when you cannot use your precious car but trust Groovy Towing Suffolk to turn that frown upside down. Call 757-401-6485 and see for yourself! We will be more than happy to serve you with our five star towing services!

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