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The Setting

A military base is an all-in-one location where all military-related operations take place. It holds equipment, personnel, and heavy-duty vehicles. On top of being a command center, the government uses it as a training ground and accommodation for deployed members. Because Virginia is home to plenty of bases, you will most likely pass by one in Suffolk in every direction.

The Situation

An abandoned, broken-down car collecting dust is typical in a military base. There are many reasons a parked vehicle remains in a base for extended periods. Because of deployments, assignments, and emergencies, members leave their cars behind.

The call of duty and suchlike might have compelled owners to leave their cars behind. These vehicles can be a nuisance to a military base where they hold demanding operations. An obsolete object of such magnitude can take a considerable amount of space. Wherefore, the military could use the extra space could for more essential purposes.

The Population

Getting through those intimidating barred gates is not that simple. While the regular occupants would mostly be service members, civilians can still visit a military base for specific purposes. Insiders can sponsor non-members, but otherwise, the process of entering is more meticulous than other establishments. You can expect armed guards to be at every corner and go through protocols before you can finally step foot beyond the barrier.

The Catch

Any ordinary towing company cannot simply haul these idle cars in the middle of the base. Strict protocols surrounding the facility, specific requirements and permits are asked from towing companies before they can come to your aid.

After checking the vehicles owned by deployed service members, authorities look into registration documents whether they have expired and whatnot. If so, these cars are permitted to be towed from the premises finally.

Choose Our Wrecker Service

The Solution

Call a military base towing company to pick up these idle cars from the base and into a repair shop or junk shop, depending on its condition. There are so many towing companies in Suffolk, VA. So, all you have to do is choose the top tow truck service!

The Company

The towing company you should turn to is Groovy Towing Suffolk. We are the leading tow truck company that will provide the best possible treatment to all kinds of vehicles and their owners. In particular, we cater to officers, service members, and civilians. It does not matter what type of car needs a tow. We can immediately send over a suitable unit from our fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks.

Our Towing Service Promise

We are known for our fast response rate and we guarantee the same speed for our military towing service. Because of the particular process that comes with the military facility, assistance might take more time than usual for other companies.

Our Suffolk county towing company already has everything covered from permits, certifications, credentials, and other easy-access requirements. You do not have to go through extra frills, which may slow down the process. Above all, we guarantee fast and efficient tow services.

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