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Local, Personal, Multifocal and Economical Services

  • Local – Groovy Towing Suffolk is one of the leading local towing companies in Suffolk, VA. Every community has to have its own trusted, reliable, one-call away towing company. We continuously strive to be the number one in the area. To achieve this, we treat each member’s needs and requests with the highest level of importance.
  • Personal – Our involvement in every step is key to having higher customer satisfaction. It is one thing to provide service, but it is a whole other story to offer a unique service tailored for different situations, for various clients.
  • Multifocal – Our services are anything but one-dimensional. We put depth into our local towing. Since we are just right around the corner, we can speed over to your side in no time. We seek to have more time to check that your car gets towed. Providing you more than one dimension of the service is our guarantee!
  • Economical – We treat your car and your budget kindly without sacrificing the quality.

Whenever You Need a Lift, Call 757-401-6485

We are not bound by time and restrictions when you need our help. You can reach us through our number at any time you are in a sticky situation. Emergencies know no borders and we commit to tackling every kind of emergency head-on. No matter the gravity, no matter what the hands of the clock read, we won’t let it keep us from lending you a hand. We are the Suffolk County towing company that has your back 24/7!

Tow Trucks and Equipment You Can Trust

We have a variety of tow trucks to accommodate every kind of vehicle. Groovy Towing pride ourselves in having the best and wide range of tow truck Suffolk VA has to offer. This factor helps us reach out to more car owners. We know certain vehicles require specific attention, like exotic cars, RVs, SUVs, and vintage models cannot be handled by random trucks. Our professionals will assess the situation and dispatch the kind of truck you need and the required equipment and tools to aid in the specific service you entail.

Local towing

Second to None Expertise

We do not exaggerate when we say that our skills and know-how on towing are incomparable. Many towing companies provide you local service, but only we do it with finesse plus a passion for helping our neighbors in Suffolk, VA.

In such a risky and hazardous business like towing, grace under pressure is an invaluable trait. We hold emergency preparedness and management training for every member of Groovy Towing.

Our team follows a cohesive and strict protocol to ensure there isn’t a hair out of place. Everything is guaranteed to be high quality — the trucks, the employees, the tools and equipment.

Indeed, our services are worth your every penny.

Our Recipe To Success

Our well-planned system, along with our extensively trained staff, is our secret recipe to our excellent customer satisfaction rating. Groovy’s success stories come from towing Suffolk VA residents’ vehicles to safety no matter what it takes.

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